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Sydney Energy Electrical Services provides standards compliant, environmentally sensitive systems for your business or home.


Your property (whether retail, commercial, an apartment, a house or industrial) will benefit from a Sydney Energy installation, upgrade or audit. We make site inspections, conduct audits and provide quotes, within the greater Sydney metropolitan area for;


  • builders and construction managers
  • architects and interior designers
  • property managers and owners
  • shopfitters
  • IT managers
  • commercial tenants


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Think Green

Sydney Energy has been delivering low-energy, sustainable solutions since 1997.


That’s why we created the slogan “Think Green” (long before it became a bandwagon).


Sydney Energy installs systems which efficiently control air conditioning and automatic lighting; plant and equipment; security and communications, to reduce power consumption.


Save energy.


Save money.


Think green.

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A dedicated maintenance vehicle is on standby for all new projects.

Recent commercial, hospitality and residential projects

Reducing Energy. Reducing Cost.

Integrated and automated electrical system design, installation and maintenance.

preventative_maintenanceMany building structures are renovated and refurbished without consideration of the increased demand being placed upon original electrical systems and wiring.

A preventative maintenance regime can ensure that you can relax in the knowledge that your property is compliant with all national and local building codes.

Sydney Energy Electrical Services has the expertise to review and maintain your electrical systems and wiring to protect your safety and your investment.

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home_automation_touch_panelHome automation is the centralized control of electrical and electronic components, which may include lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), appliances, security locks of gates and doors, and other communication and control systems.

With the increased availability of handheld computer devices (such as tablets and smartphones), home automation has become increasingly popular and affordable.

Home automation provides improved comfort and convenience, security and energy efficiency.

Call today to find out how your home can deliver sophisticated convenience and lower energy bills.

realtime_surveillanceA Building Management System (BMS) is a microprocessor-based, control and management system for commercial buildings.

One common version for commercial properties is Clipsal C-Bus. (In private residences, a BMS is usually referred to as ‘home automation’). A BMS can be used to control lighting, security, communications and other electrical services such as audio visual devices, pumps and motors. The component may be a simple on/off control for a lighting circuit, or a variable control, such as electronically dimmable fluorescent ballasts. Each C-Bus device has its own integrated microprocessor and “intelligence”, allowing units to be individually programmed, ensuring fast, reliable and repetitive operation.

A BMS ensures reduced electricity demand and reduced expense. A 20% reduction in energy demand (e.g. 200 amps down to 160 amps) translates to a 20% reduction in cost as well as reducing demand for new infrastructure. For some Sydney councils, the implementation of a BMS in commercial properties is now mandatory for new developments.

Sydney Energy Electrical Services has extensive experience in the installation of BMS, security and communication systems into premium hospitality and commercial properties.

Call today to discuss your requirements and discover how your property can benefit from increased efficiency and security, and reduced OpEx.

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What do they say?

  • My family have been clients of Con Soumilas and Sydney Energy Electrical Services since 2002. We own large commercial properties and we are delighted with the service that Con and his team provide. Over the years they have had countless call out for repairs, maintenance and emergencies and they have always responded in quick time and completed the work satisfactorily. Emergency work has included close cooperation with Ausgrid, repairing and upgrading major works. When my wife and I completely renovated out home, SEES did all the electrical work. We are very confident in recommending for intending clients.

    David Wine
    David Wine
  • Sydney Energy Electrical Services undertook all electrical services in connection with the residential development and construction of 9 townhouses at West Street, Lewisham on my behalf, as developer. The development was completed in August 2012 and all of the townhouses have been retained and leased by me. I was very impressed with the level of service provided by SEES. The work was very neat, all employees presented professionally and courteously and were very happy to work in with our programme and attend site when requested. I have not had any issues or defects with the electrical works and am very satisfied that I chose SEES for this project. I have no hesitation in recommending SEES and intend to use the company again in the future.

    George Vlahakis
    George VlahakisKydon Segal Lawyers & clickconveyancing
  • Sydney Energy Electrical Services have been The Edge Property Agency's preferred electrical contractors for over 13 years.

    Con and the team at SEES provide excellent service. Their quick response time, attention to detail and most importantly, the quality of their work, sets them head and shoulders above their competitors.

    With the rising costs of energy, Con and the team have provided Energy Efficiency Solutions for many of our multi-tenanted buildings. These cost-effective solutions reduced the power consumption up to 42% on the average account. In most cases the pay back period was within 18 months.

    SEES is highly recommended by The Edge Property Agency.

    Achilles Peshos
    Achilles PeshosThe Edge Property Agency
  • In 2012 my partner and I used SEES for a major prestige renovation of our lower north shore house. The entire house was re-wired – from the street power pole to the last power point fitting – and we put a complicated data and C-Bus system through the house. Throughout the process, we were very pleased with the quality and efficiency of the service offered by SEES – much of which was undertaken personally by the principal (indeed, we still have his penmanship on the system diagram inside our meter box!) In a build that was beset with difficulties with the major contractor and some suppliers, SEES was a welcome source of professionalism, quality, timeliness and good advice. I don’t hesitate to recommend them for prestige builds.

    Marek Craker
    Marek Craker
  • SEES has been working with CBS for over 6 Years and we still maintain a good working relationship. The experience of Con and his team has given him the edge over his competitors and has always been the preferred contractor. Con and his team are reliable professional and friendly, with a good work ethic. Communication, scheduling and personal is the key to every successful business and SEES has this covered.

    Danny Aron
    Danny AronCumberland Building Services
  • Con and the SEES team are a professional group of people that we have worked with over the past 5 years.

    Their work for Dapcor has ranged from large refurb projects to small emergency callouts. There has been countless amount of times we have needed Con to arrange urgent wire repairs during demolition works.

    I would highly recommend SEES for any electrical service needs.

    Christoph Reithmeier
    Christoph ReithmeierDapcor Building Services
  • SEES has provided 10 years of great service to all our restaurants.

    SEES are quick to respond to all emergencies and meet tight turnaround deadlines to keep our operations going.

    Most of all, SEES take care to give you the best options and come up with the best solution that is both cost effective and lasting.

    George Vardis
    George VardisVardis Venues

Commercial properties.

Bondi_Hall_01This is an artist’s impression of a new commercial and residential building for Hall Street, Bondi Beach.

The building will consist of two retail spaces on the ground floor and six units on the three upper floors. Construction is by Cumberland Building Services. For many years, Sydney Energy Electrical Services has been delivering an extensive range of electrical and installation services to premium properties for Cumberland.

A Building Management System (BMS) ensures reduced electricity demand and reduced expense. A 20% reduction in energy demand translates to a 20% reduction in cost as well as reducing demand for new infrastructure.

For some Sydney councils, the implementation of a BMS in new commercial developments is now mandatory.

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